For We Are The Eyes of the Emperor

Transmission From Inquisitor Damon Kyrillos

+ + + + + + + TRANSMITTED: Planet Daragon IV
+ + + + + + + RECEIVED: Planet Meridian
+ + + + + + + DESTINATION: Voidship Harsh Light of Truth
+ + + + + + + DATE: 02.003.023.M42
+ + + + + + + TELEPATHIC DUCT: Astropath Morten Farachs
+ + + + + + + REF: Inq/90840958940324323432/LA
+ + + + + + + AUTHOR: Inquisitor Damon Kyrillos
+ + + + + + + SUBJECT: Assignment on Hive Pentus
+ + + + + + + DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT: “The Rewards of Tolerance are Treachery and Betrayal”


I have work for you. A year ago my investigations led me to uncover an agent of the Ruinous Powers in the Hive cities of Pentus. This particular traitor was possessed of sorcerous abilities and mad intent to bring forth onto Pentus a great Warp horror. Myself and a contingent of allies confronted him in the Great Cathedral of The Emperor’s Beneficence on Pentus and destroyed him, his followers, and the half-formed hell-thing he brought forth from the Immaterium. I believed that to be the end of this particular threat.

Lately, however, I have received reports of an alarming number of heretics, mutants, and gibbering lunatics cropping up in the city blocks near the Cathedral. Something clearly lingers on Pentus and I want you to find out what it is. I myself am engaged in work which cannot be interrupted and so I lay upon you this task: Go to Pentus. Find out what lies at the root of these incidents, and take what action is necessary. I expect regular reports of your findings and a full report of your actions to remedy the situation.

In pursuance with your task, I invest upon you the full authority of my name and position, use them as needed to ensure compliance with your investigation and remember that as servants of the Inquisition you answer to none but myself. Use this power wisely and with discretion. Our affairs are secret for a great many good reasons.

In the Light of The Emperor,

Inquisitor Damon Kyrillos



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