Damon Kyrillos



“To spread fear of the Ruinous Powers among the ignorant is to cast the seeds of blasphemy into the fertile soil of small minds. When you strike your foe, go beyond mere destruction and render unto him the grievous shame of knowing he dies unnoticed and unremembered.” -Inquisitor Damon Kyrillos addressing junior members of the Ordo Malleus

An imposing man even outside of the power armor he frequently wears in battle, Damon Kyrillos stands just over six feet tall and is corded with muscle and scar tissue. Though he is almost certainly much older, Imperial medicine and gene treatments have kept aging at bay such that he appears to be in his mid-forties.

Inquisitor Kyrillos earned distinction and an invitation to attend and speak in the conclaves of the Ordo Malleus due to a career-spanning conflict with the forces of Chaos and in particular an enigmatic cult leader known only as Brother Thorn. Despite the accolades heaped upon him due to the plots he has thwarted in pursuit of Brother Thorn, Damon himself feels that he has not truly earned the praise of his peers so long as Thorn remains at large and able to corrupt the masses of humanity.

In your work alongside Kyrillos, you’ve noticed that he prefers to work quietly, not announcing his presence or rank unless necessary to produce compliance in some functionary or other. He has frequently reiterated his belief that unnecessary disruption of The Emperor’s social order is a form of heresy, since doing so means you willfully disrupt the furtherance of mankind when you could have accomplished your goal without doing so. While not a common belief among Inquisitors, his peers have grown to respect the lack of collateral damage Damon Kyrillos leaves in the wake of his investigations. He operates like a scalpel, excising corruption and leaving most entirely unaware of his presence, much less the terrible danger from which he delivered them.

Since your time as one of his Acolytes began your service has mainly consisted of accompanying the Inquisitor on his investigations and being slowly inducted into the ranks of those who know the Truths of the universe in the studies and libraries aboard Kyrillos’ personal voidship Harsh Light of Truth. Until receiving your orders to investigate the incidents on Pentus, you have never before been sent on assignment without the Inquisitor. Perhaps you suspect the Inquisitor is testing you, or perhaps you truly believe him to be inescapably engaged elsewhere. Whatever your belief, you know enough of Damon Kyrillos to know that whatever his reasons for sending you, he will be watching closely.


Damon Kyrillos

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