The Great Cathedral of The Emperor's Beneficence


Standing in the center of one of Hive Pentus’ many city squares, the Great Cathedral of the Emperor’s Beneficence is both the headquarters of the Ecclesiarchy on Pentus as well as being it’s spritual center. The colossal edifice was famous for its masterfully crafted 16 story tall stained glass window depicting the Emperor in his glory standing vigilant above the sprawling masses of humanity.

Last year, several towering figures rumored by witnesses to have been Astartes Space Marines (though these sightings are unconfirmed) led by a smaller figure clad in golden armor entered the Cathedral just as horrible screams, unnatural sounds, and lights in fluorescent colors began issuing forth from the building. For three hours the sounds continued and no one, whether commoner or cleric, dared enter the holy structure. At the climax of the chanting and screaming, a massive explosion of unnatural energies rocked the plaza and blasted outward through the stained glass window, shattering it and blowing fragments of stained glass outwards to shower down over multiple city blocks.

The armored figures emerged from the cathedral, grouped into a circle, and vanished in a flash of light. Since that day, the Cathredral has worked to rebuild, its beauty marred by a massive tarp covering the hole where the window once was. New workers have been commissioned to replace it, but the work has not yet begun. No one in the local Ecclesiarchy will speak of the events of that day a year ago, and to spread rumors of such has been declared Heresy by the governor of the planet.

The Great Cathedral of The Emperor's Beneficence

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